Coronavirus Response

Your safety and well-being is our top priority at OnePlace Capital. As the coronavirus outbreak escalates, we are taking a number of precautions to prevent its spread. Beginning Wed., March 18, until further notice, our office will be closed to walk-in visitors without an appointment. Additionally, to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, we have fully transitioned to a "work from home" environment.

We pride ourselves on answering every single call with a live person. However, with a significantly increased call volume, it is possible that a call into our office could be missed. If so, please leave a message, or send an e-mail to A member of our team will respond.

We are open, we are working, and our priority is to manage any request you may have. Be safe and be healthy. The team at OnePlace Capital.

The OnePlace Capital Advantage

Being able to deliver the highest level of patient care is key to retaining -- and growing -- your practice. OnePlace Capital is expressly designed to help do both.

Our Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) gives you immediate and true ownership of your equipment and is identical to a loan.

Our Loan vs. Their Leasing

What sets us apart from other finance companies? We deliver ownership and flexibility with loans, not leases. Compare the difference of our loan over their lease.

Can I payoff this contract early without penalties?
Our Loan

Yes! The OPC Loan may be paid off at any time with no penalties or future interest.

Their Lease

If you pay off early, you must pay all future payments and remaining interest.

Do I own the equipment?
Our Loan

Yes! You own the equipment from Day One.

Their Lease

No. The leasing company owns the equipment.

Can I make extra payments towards principal?
Our Loan

Yes! Extra payments can be applied towards principal at any time, thus, shortening your term and lowering your overall interest expense.

Their Lease

Any additional funds will be applied to future scheduled payments including interest.

OPC vs. Local Bank

Why finance with OnePlace Capital (OPC) rather than a local, traditional bank? We bring the bank to you plus we provide these additional benefits that most banks don't.

Will this loan appear on my credit report?

No! The OPC Loan will not appear on your personal credit report as a debt obligation.

Local Bank

Yes. Your loan will show up as a debt obligation on your credit report.

Will there be a lien against me or my practice?

No! We only file a security interest in the item financed.

Local Bank

Most banks file a blanket lien against you and/or your business.

Can I pay off early with no penalties?

Yes! You can make extra principal payments or pay off at any time with no penalties or future interest charges.

Local Bank

In most cases, you will incur penalties for early payoff and be liable for all interest charges for the full term of your loan.

How quickly can the loan be processed?

Today! We can turn requests around in a matter of hours.

Local Bank

Most requests can take several days.

Our finance agreement was designed specifically for healthcare practices. Not only do we bring the bank to you, our loans were made for you!